Big lake, Big Walleye, Great Days!



Big lake, Big Walleye, Great Days!  The Walleye Masters spent most of the week on the North side of the lake with a couple of exceptions due to wind.  As we drive through the Lighthouse Gap area you can see the water is muddy and there are schools of Shiner minnows present on our graphs.   A friendly reminder, it is not appropriate to fish in a marked channel like the Lighthouse Gap.  We had a mix of drifting with spinners and crawlers and anchored and jigging.  The anchor and jigging will become more of a staple soon.


A few helpful reminders for everyone, if you’re feeling sick please do not come.  In Minnesota wearing a mask while you are indoors is required.  This includes check in and check out, buying items in the store, on your way to and from dining tables, bathroom or the bar.  If you have been around others who are sick, please quarantine or get tested before going out.  Also, prepare yourself for things taking a little longer than normal.  Our staff is doing its best, but things take longer with extra cleaning and social distancing.   Dinner reservations are more spread out and even though we have more tables we are not able to use them all.  Many have tried to point at the empty tables and say hey, what about that one, but it doesn’t work that way anymore.  Also, you need to plan on doing your part by waiting for the fish cleaning house to empty before entering.  Plan that you may not be able to just jump right in and start cleaning your catch.  This is especially true when all of the guides are cleaning fish, typically 5-6 PM every day.


This week looks like a repeat.  We have 30’s for lows and we may get to the 70’s for highs.



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