December 22nd Fishing Report

The temps have dropped but we’re catching fish. Dead stick with a hook and minnow have been the most successful, set to about a foot off the bottom. Jigging with bright colors and a light jigging presentation is working too. 


Currently our houses are located in 27-29 feet of water. Ice thickness is 16-18” and with the cold temperatures we are continuing to make good ice. As of this week, we are letting customers drive out on the lake in vehicles up to half ton trucks. We are brining the larger snow plow trucks out to keep our ice roads clear.


Tip of the Week

When you see marks on your Vexilar while jigging, keep your jig above the mark, moving it higher in the water column when the mark shows interest forcing the fish to chase. This will often trigger larger and more finicky fish to strike. We call this “triggering a reaction strike”. 


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