February 1st Fishing Report

The bite is on fire! We’ve pushed the houses out to about 22 miles and guests are crushing em’. Dead stick with a live minnow has been the go-to presentation all year and is still a great option to set hooks. For your active jigging rod, the best colors are anything bright or glow, and rattle blade jigs are still a good way to help attract fish.  

We are sitting on about 24 inches of ice and with these cold temperatures the ice is in good shape. We constantly monitor the ice conditions as the safety of our guests is our top priority. 

The walleye and sauger bite is amazing right now with some tanks being caught. And we are picking up some occasional giant perch…BONUS!

It’s always a good idea to use a variety of tactics and colors to find out what is working best on any given day. Then stick with the color and tactic that is producing the best.



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