Fishing action remains hot!


Fishing action remains hot!  Many Anglers are working different locations and depths as well as different baits and tactics.

There are many Walleye just off of Pine Island and around the Lighthouse Gap.  All the way along the south shore there are currently large numbers of Walleye.  Some Anglers are trolling shallow waters with plugs, others are anchored and jigging while further out.  There has also been some drifting going on.  It’s a great time to come up and apply your own preferred method.  Other Anglers have been boating as far as Knight and Bridges Island, those venturing further out are having success and it also may help to thin the crowds of boats along Pine Island.

We are continuing some projects around the facility.  The dining room ceiling is getting some new color and lights.  We have rearranged the booths and tables as well.  The 3-bedroom riverside cabins are getting new decks and benches.  In response to Covid compliance we have plenty of space for 48 people to dine outside on the deck.  We now have touchless menus and food ordering and the waitstaff is excited to be serving and seeing the so many great people we see every summer.  Also, ready for the summer is soft serve ice cream treats!  And, without question, the guides are ready to get back on the lake and tracking the Walleye trends.

There isn’t much change in the forecast for this week.  We may have a little rain later this afternoon, which is needed, as long as it knows when to stop.   The waves today were under 1 foot, tomorrow they are forecasted to be about 1 foot and then going back down to under a foot again on Tuesday.  The temperature forecast shows our low for the week is 49 and a high of 78.


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