Great week of fishing leading up to Independence Day

Great week of fishing leading up to Independence Day. We had a few scorching hot days but otherwise it’s been a great week for fishing. Captain Scott says they have been mostly in the main basin, about 33’ of water. Spinners with nightcrawlers or leeches has been working really well. A lot of slot fish and quite a few trophies being caught. We have a little bit of a slow down after the holiday with spots on boats available before ramping back up for the second half of summer. It’s a great time to get some fishing done on Lake of the Woods!

The forecast for the coming week looks a little cooler with temps hopping between the mid-60s and 80s, with some mild wind thrown in and some possible showers, which we still desperately need.

Happy 4th of July! Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday.


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