If you like wind, there has been plenty of it

If you like wind, there has been plenty of it. Our boats have moved mainly to trolling with spinners now, with the hot item being crawler harnesses in chartreuse or an orange/chartreuse mix. We are still covering Big Traverse and Little Traverse Bays with good success. Lots of slot sized fish and quite a few trophy sized ones being caught, with plenty of good eaters being brought back.

Weather wise it’s going to be a colder beginning of the week with high’s not quite reaching 60 with rain and wind, before warming up later in the week to the 80s once again. Should get a few days of sunshine before another chance of storms for the weekend. The rain is greatly needed both in the water systems, but also for the whole area, so hope for overnight showers with clear, beautiful days.

Stay safe and hope to see everyone soon!