It has been an excellent week of fishing

It has been an excellent week of fishing.  We are currently 7 miles past Pine Island in the 30 foot range.  We are regularly seeing 20” of ice now.   We have worked through a few rough spots of ice and hope to see some clear smooth ice soon. 

Continuing to use the glow red and gold colors while having a lively minnow on a plain hook on one rig and something active jigging with noise through the bottom 6-8 feet of the water column is a best tactic.  Electronics are definitely helping to show large suspended fish and schools of Tulibee cruising through. 

The forecast shows little snow and mild temps.  Especially mild for January.


Covid update; We intend to be operating at full speed this winter and have been planning as many disinfecting processes as possible to avoid major impacts to our normal service.


Meals will be To Go for the winter season.  Given the current restrictions placed on the bar/restaurants in this phase of reopening Minnesota, although welcome, is still not sufficient enough to properly service our customers. Therefore, we will continue operations as take out only. We look forward to the day when we can return to normal operations.


We will also be using paper and plastic products for plates and utensils in the cabins, normal pots and pans will be in cabin for cooking and serving.  We are constantly reviewing our process and policies to ensure we are acting safely for all involved.  We will be disinfecting and sanitize transportation, fish houses and bathrooms on the ice.




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