January 18th Fishing Report

We continue to move houses and are in 34-35 ft of water, 15 miles Northwest of Pine Island. 

And we’ve finally reached 24” of ice.

A split shot and red hook remains the hottest choice for deadsticking. For a jigging option, a 1/8oz buckshot spoon in glow combined with orange/green/pink or red is a go to. The fish are still not super aggressive. But working a buckshot blade that makes a little noise will help draw in curious walleye.

Our day house anglers and pulling in some fat, slot sized walleye. And we’ve got some wheelhouse clients that are getting in on some good action too!


Tip of the Week

Fish a dropper rig with a whole minnow under a buckshot spoon. Drop the treble hook several inches below the jig using a chain or 10lb mono.



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