Lake of the Woods, Frenemy=wind

Lake of the Woods, Frenemy=wind.  Some days the wind is all that matters, we have had wind in different forms this past week.  One day is a perfect breeze for a nice drift of Walleye and the next day it is so strong you find yourself fishing in locations you would not have chosen otherwise.  This past week, we even had times we wish there was some wind.

We are still covering many parts of the lake, both Big Traverse and Little Traverse Bays.  Some Anglers have been doing more drifting than anchoring now. Typical colors of gold and chartreuse are best.  Mixing in more leeches and frozen shiners to the bait supply.  

The forecast for the coming week is mid-80s with lows in the 50’s.

Stay safe and hope to see everyone soon!


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