November 1 and we continue on with projects for this winter!



November 1 and we continue on with projects for this winter!  We keep working hard on many things.  New sleeper fish houses and facility for sleepers, repairs to our existing houses and scrubbing and painting, new bathrooms for on the ice.  We are working on new signs for our 3 properties and a map to highlight our locations and make check in and check out easier. Cleaning vehicles and maintenance to trailers as well as finishing parking lot areas and winter access.


The forecast for the week ahead is looking to warm up.  Possible highs in the 50’s.  It will give us a last chance to make sure we have everything in place before freezing.


Covid update; We intend to be operating at full speed this winter and have been planning and working out as many disinfecting processes as possible to avoid major impacts to our service.  One item that is a major impact, currently we are planning that meals will be To Go for the winter season.  We have a couple of issues when trying to open the bar and restaurant.  We have a hard time keeping to the number of allowable people being inside, once the doors open people keep coming in, even when we try to prevent the number from going to high.  Another is staffing, we need to protect the staff we have as much as possible or we will not be able to remain open.  We are constantly reviewing our process and policies to ensure we are acting safely for all involved.  We are working towards best practice for the winter to disinfect and sanitize transportation, fish houses and bathrooms on the ice.



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