Our catches keep coming!



Our catches keep coming!  Fall is here, we have had mild temperatures and wind for September.  The leaves are definitely changing.  Fishing has been successful, there have been many great catches every day.  We are seeing large schools of Walleye just outside the Lighthouse Gap.  Many Anglers have been in this area and the catch rate is high, while sorting through the many little ones we are always so grateful to see, a limit of 17-18” Walleye will be gained throughout a day.  There has been wind and many are fishing in the river, while just at the Gap the catch rate is much better.  We expect that to be changing as water temps drop and more minnows come into the river.


Many projects are still ongoing but some are wrapping up.  The Central Sewer system is wrapping up and the Highway 172 road resurfacing and culvert project is ongoing.  This week we will be seeing detours close to camp.  For Border View Lodge we are still doing many charters this week and working on projects with a new facility for sleeper houses and adding more sleeper houses and bathrooms for the ice season.  Having the yard recover from the sewer project is still a work in progress. Hopefully soon they will be done with our parking lot and we will not have so much dust blowing around.


A few helpful reminders for everyone, if you’re feeling sick please do not come.  In Minnesota wearing a mask while you are indoors is required.  The indoor dining is closed, we are doing To Go food only.  You may order by phone or website.  If you have been around others who are sick, please quarantine or get tested before going out.  Also, prepare yourself for things taking a little longer than normal.  Our staff is doing its best, but things take longer with extra cleaning and social distancing.   Also, you need to plan on doing your part by waiting for the fish cleaning house to empty before entering.  Plan that you may not be able to just jump right in and start cleaning your catch.  This is especially true when all of the guides are cleaning fish, typically 5-6 PM every day.


This week we will be living in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.



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