Our Guides are sharing time on the lake in both Big and Little Traverse Bays

Our Guides are sharing time on the lake in both Big and Little Traverse Bays.  There are schools of Walleye all around the lake.  Certain areas seem to have more of the 17-18” Walleye Anglers prefer to take home.  Having a limit to take home and eating some fresh while you are here is the norm.  We continue to have days to drift with spinners, but are starting to spend more time anchored and jigging.

The fall leave colors are starting to show up. You can watch our webcam from time to time to see them change.

Schools of Shiner minnows are around the Lighthouse Gap and in the river.  There has been a steady collection for live bait on our charters each day.

Here is a late September and early October Guided Walleye fishing deal!  Charter package specials from September 26th to October 17th.  3 nights lodging and 2 days of Walleye Master Guided Walleye fishing for $426.00 per person, add 8 meals and its only $526.00 per person.

If you have thought about relocating to a location like Lake of the Woods check out our new employment webpage. We have openings available starting in the ice season. https://borderviewlodge.com/employment/

The forecast for this week looks like another repeat. Temperatures from overnight 40’s to daytime 70’s are forecasted this week along with some showers.  Don’t forget your rain gear!


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