The bait fishing remains strong, mostly drifting with spinners

We have been in a consistent pattern for the last couple weeks.  The bait fishing remains strong, mostly drifting with spinners.  We have been fishing close by when the weather allows, other days have been spent in Little Traverse North of Garden Island.  3-ounce sinkers and yellow colors have been a steady go to presentation.  On different days changing up colors makes a difference.  Leeches are hard to come by, crawlers seem to be working well.

The summer is blowing by fast.  Hard to believe the Vikings play this week.  We still have some openings through October, give us a call and we can let you know what dates we have available.

Smoke in the air, yes, there are many fires on the Canadian side of the Border.  If you go to our website and watch the web cam you can see the action on the docks and river, as well as how the smoke is hovering from day to day.

Forecasted temps are in the upper-50s and highs in the 70’s- 80’s for this week.


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