The bug hatches seem to be over with

Our Walleye Master Guides continue to work all areas of the lake.  The bug hatches seem to be over with.  Walleye are biting well while drifting or trolling with spinners and crawlers or leeches.  Big Traverse and Little Traverse have schools of Walleye from 28 to 31 feet of water.  There have been many large Walleye caught and released this past week.  Having a fresh catch of the day meal and limits of take-home fish has not been a problem for those fishing multiple days.

Smoke in the air, yes, there are many fires on the Canadian side of the Border.  If you go to our website and watch the web cam you can see the action on the docks and river, as well as how the smoke is hovering from day to day.

An important reminder while angling in warmer water is to play, photo and release fish as soon as possible.  The sooner the fish is returned to the atmosphere it was pulled from, the better chance it has to survive.  A fish that swims away has that chance.

At Border View Lodge we like having as many options in our tackle box as possible.  This gives us the opportunity to do different styles of fishing.  We like to accommodate everyone, but not everyone has the same preference of fishing styles.  We have listened to the anti-down rigging crowds over the years and we have considered eliminating them from our fleet because of their negative social pressures.  We are choosing to keep them as an option.  Experience matters, it is because we do use them from time to time that we are also able to determine what works.  While down rigging it is much less likely a Walleye of any size will swallow the hook and cause harm to the fish, also, those fish are played to the surface much quicker and swim away healthier more often.  There are many other methods of getting plugs to the floor of the lake which cause excessive time playing out fish to the surface.  Also, nothing else besides a down rigger allows for more quality fishing time and less tangles while trolling with 6 people on one boat.

Forecasted temps are in the upper-50s and highs into the 80s for this week.


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