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We continue to work different areas across the lake.  We have anchored and jigged on the South Shore and East Border of Big Traverse Bay.  In Little Traverse we have mostly anchored and jigged but there has been a little bit of drifting.  The Walleye Master Guides are focusing on areas around structure near the 29 foot of water mark.  One day live Fathead minnows are best and on another the frozen Shiners. The wind has had an impact this past week.

We have started doing Shore lunches, so far there are no docks in at Garden Island so it has worked out when able to fish by Zippel Bay State Park.  Garden Island is a State Park and hopefully they will take on the task of making it useful by putting the docks in soon.  In past years we have put in the docks at Garden Island but with too many liability issues at stake we will have to wait for them to maintain it.

We continue to work on our projects with some of the remodeling waiting on parts.  The 3 bedroom river cabins as an example are still waiting on cabinets for over the stove so we can hang the new microwaves.  Additionally the new kitchen tables and chairs have not yet arrived so we currently are using the older ones.

Overnight temps this week look warmer with 40-50’s and daytime highs in the 70-80’s.


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