We are within sight of Garden Island as we continue northward

We are within sight of Garden Island as we continue northward. This last week has seen some good fishing with plenty of trophy walleye being caught. Our crew is working hard to keep on top of the holes freezing and the vehicles up and running. We are hitting -55 degrees tonight for Valentine’s Day before we start to see some warmer temperatures, with the low getting above 0 degrees by next weekend.

Captain Mike says glow and gold colors continue to be the best bet but pink and white glow are doing well too.  Some anglers are reporting that glow stick inserts and plain hooks are the hot item to have.

COVID-19 update: We continue to follow Minnesota Department of Health guidelines to do our part in preventing the spread. We are providing disposable tableware for our cabin guests to use during their stays with us.  Our fish houses, outhouses, and transportation are sanitized daily. We don’t have any idea when we will be able to return to normal but we sure hope it’s soon.  Until then, we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to keep our staff and guests safe and healthy.


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