We continue to spread out around 30’s feet deep in the mud

February starts this week, it’s amazing how time flies.  We are 12 miles or more past Pine Island and still on the move.  We continue to spread out around 30’s feet deep in the mud.  There has been some great action this week.  We have been at a greater than 2-foot mark of ice and using extensions on the augers.  There is a heavy blanket of snow protecting the ice.  This blanket helps protect the ice from expanding or contracting too much, especially in areas with water under the ice.  Shallow areas, or areas closer to shore which are frozen all the way to the bottom are more susceptible to busting up and moving around as the ice expands or contracts.  The areas frozen to the ground do move and bust up regularly, but can at times be dealt with easily.  We have not been using any of our bridges since December.

There has been a lot of small marks on the sonars from 5-10 feet off the bottom.  Mostly these are Tullibee.  Along with the Tullibee come the larger Walleye and Northern when they are feeding.  It is generally easy to get these larger fish to bite if you are lucky enough to have them come across you.  The trick is getting them through the hole, or hoping, if it is a Northern it doesn’t cut your line.

With so many options for lures it is almost impossible to say what has been working best.  Stick with typical colors for Lake of the Woods, Gold, Glow colors, things with noise.  When you are at the store trying to decide, use those guidelines and you basically cannot go wrong.  At the end of the day multiple Anglers could prove a different hot lure of the day. The UV colors work well.  Also, it is important to have a sonar style electronics.

This week is predicted to start mild and maybe have a little snow, then turns back to the below zero temps.


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