The temperatures have leveled off this week, resulting in a better bite! We’ve seen increased activity in the bigger walleyes, we have some pics of beautiful 27” plus fish to share this week. Captain Mike even gets on the board with a 29 plus. People are catching some nice eaters too, with enough to have a fish fry and still take some home. It’s been mild with a couple of beautiful sunny days. Today is gray and foggy.
We’ve been on the move north. This week we’re out about 12 miles past Pine Island and progressing further north and still in the 32’ of water area. We can’t remember being this far north this early in the season. We can basically say, we are in the middle of the lake. Bring your Lake of the Woods tackle staples (gold and glow) and make sure you have a good noise maker; you will need to be actively jigging. For a dead stick presentation, a plain hook will do.
Another mild week ahead with a high of 33 forecasted for Saturday. Lows in the teens and single digits with very low chances of precipitation. The high humidity predicted all week will likely keep the fog going.
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